M42 Lens Mount

Hello to all visitors. I created this site to tell some history behind one of the most common and popular lens mounts in the world of Single-Lens Reflex Camera History, the M42 screw mount. The mount has been used by many manufacturers and it has been extended to have new features over a course of many years and many unique cameras have been produced for the mount.



Collection of M42 Lenses

Because of the wide range of M42 lenses produced and that so many have been produced, they are still very readily available on the used market today for low prices, and people now make mount adaptors to adapt them to a wide range of lens mounts.

Here I have written compatibility tables on the use of M42 Lenses on some Nippon Kogaku (Nikon) SLR Cameras.

It would be nice to contribute some extra information so I can expand my compatibility database to a wider range of mounts and cameras.

Min Kai (Author)