WE are now entering the second half of the school year, and many exciting events and activities await the children in this new term. This is also the semester when many families will be working very hard as this is their final semester at WeCAN EIP.

Theme for Term 3: My School

All children from a young age learn from other people in a variety of settings and in a variety of ways. Neurotypical children appear to effortlessly move from one environment to another, and appear excited and enthusiastic by a stimulating environmentâ such as a school.

For young children with autism, learning in a school environment can be a significant challenge, especially when it is their first learning environment outside of a secure and predictable home context.

Our children with autism have to learn how to come and function in a pre-school environment. This may involve learning a different sleep routine, separating from familiar carers, or having to now do things not of their choosing. These are big changes for young children with autism.

Once children have transitioned into a school learning environment, they need to be available to learn from what is happening around them and also the people (both adult and child) within the environment. To do this, they need to be able to pay attention to relevant stimuli, to self-modulate and keep organized with the new routines, understand verbal instructions, learn how to be a sociable member of a group, and to express themselves in a way that others can understand, even before more traditional academic learning curriculum can be undertaken.

Our focus is to make the journey through pre-school less daunting, by working on core skills that teach a child with autism HOW TO LEARN, in a fun, safe and organized environment.