Hello my name is Yee Guang Hui

You can call me: YeeGH Yee (pronounced as ee-G-H), Guang Hui, YeeGH and YeeTan (removed pseudonym as of 2011)

I am currently learning web publishing.

Profile ID:

Name: Yee Guang Hui, Age: 16 as of August-October 2011

Favourite Websites:

1. Xinmsn.com (basic homepage for singaporeans, recommended)

2. facebook.com (remove boredom and have fun with friends)

3. www.wikipedia.org (not .com), (good for research, better interest, watch what you edit.)

Recommended Website:

1. Yahoo.com (my email website, i guess i not tell you for safe keep)

2. google.com (more realiable)

3. www.pathlight.org.sg (our school...)

Standard websites:

1. www.konami.com (i know a few japanese but do not know how to pronounce that.)

2. www.youtube.com (not YouToBe (a parody of youtube in Hayate the Combat Butler, whareas some students got watch that.))

3. www.bitcomet.com (a standard internet website download web, DIE DIE MUST HAVE!!)