About Us

To develop to the best of potential in academics and life-skills

The Pathlight Student Council was set up to provide formal training and coaching to prepare and equip each councilor with life-skills beyond Pathlight. Student councillors are appointed if they are well-behaved, responsible, hardworking and possess a positive attitude to learn. The Student Council aims to groom these students into leaders in Pathlight and beyond.

We are at a current strength of 25 student councilors comprising of students from

Track 2 Secondary and Track V.

The Student Council Pledge

We the councillors of Pathlight School,
Pledge that we will strive for excellence
And achieve our goals as student leaders.
We will endeavour to be exemplary in our behaviour,
To guide one another
And respect our principal, all school leaders and teachers.
We will be dedicated and committed as role model for other students
And work towards a disciplined and vibrant school environment.