Hello my name is Amirah.

I am currently learning web publishing.

Here is my profile:

Name: Amirah Age: 16

Hobbies: Drawing, Memories, Reading and Listen to Music.

Favourite Websites:

1. Facebook

2. Youtube

3. Singapore Seen Stomp

Memories in School

On 3 january 2006, I joined Pathlight school when i was in Primary 5. My class is P5 Birch. My form teacher was Ms Soh.There were Five students in my Class. There were Hannah, Andrew, Marcus,Yu xuan and Me. She is a new teacher in pathlight school too! She taught us English. I also i got a new timetable for lessons. English was Ms Soh, Mathematics was Mrs Chai, Science was Mr Halim, Life readiness was Ms Evelyn, Leisure Skills was Mr Victor, IT was Ms Premila, Social Skills were Ms Hui min and Ms KIt, GYM was Mr Gan and PE was Mr Ravi. After lessons, We had Recess at Chong boon Secondary school canteen. I ate Chicken Nuggets. After i ate, we went to Blue Square to play games. But, i just watch the students to play Catching. After that,we had lessons English. After English, Social Skills. We played Aeroplane Board Games. I won the Game! Later, Mathematics. Mrs chai taught us Numbers. When the school Bell rang, it was time for Dismissal! I went back home by School Bus. My school bus number was Bus 1. I enjoyed my new school very much!