Intro to Web Publishing: Students' Works (November 2011)

First Live Page

  1. Students experience publishing a live page to a live URL.
  2. Students write their own content with web publishing etiquette and precaution in mind, such as not publishing personal contact.

HTML (Handcoding) + CSS

  1. Students experience handcoding HTML to produce a 3 page basic site.
  2. CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) is used to style these HTML contents


  1. Students experience generating HTML in Dreamweaver WYSIWYG editor to produce a 3 page basic site.
  2. Students compare this with handcoding and learn the importance of using both methods.
  3. This is an optional exercise. Some students may not have completed this assignment.

Layout with CSS

  1. Students experience designing page layout using CSS.
  2. Students learn how to understand the CSS of a Dreamweaver template and customise to their design.
  3. Contents and images were given.

Module Project

  1. Students would have gone through a few chapters of design process.
  2. Students experience the full web publishing process: PLAN, DESIGN, CODE, LIVE.
  3. Students choose from a list of given projects where contents and images were given.
  4. Students are encouraged to edit the copywriting and create more graphics.
  5. Some students may choose to write their own topic.
  6. Students learn to document down their web designing process

Name Class First Live Page
Assignment Details
HTML (Handcode) + CSS
Assignment Details
Assignment Details
Layout with CSS
Assignment Details
Module Project
Assignment Details
Min KaiSamaneaMy Homepage Pathlight Site ARC Site EIP Site The Unofficial M42 Lens Resource Site
Project Documentation